Edward Gallagher (1903–1932)

Edward Gallagher known as Ned was the fourth child and eldest son of Edward and Mary was born on 15 Nov 1903 in Tavnaglass. Edward was unmarried. He died at the early age of 28 on Thursday 18 August 1932, following a mining accident the previous day at Upton Colliery near South Elmsall in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

Ned sitting and his brother Patrick standing, this photo was taken around the early 1930s.

Ned was buried two days later on 20 August 1932 in Section I42 of the Catholic section of Moorthorpe Cemetery on Barnsley Rd, Moorthorpe, South Elmsall, Pontefract.

He is interred in the grave with Patrick Maguire. The grave had been purchased by James Lyons in August 1930 for Mr Maguire, who it seems also died in the same Colliery.

For reasons unclear, the grave was unmarked (possibly because of costs, and because Ned’s family did not own the plot). On 12 October 2007, his grand-nephew Eamonn (grandson of his brother Patrick) managed to locate his final resting place with assistance from Ned’s brother Michael, and he placed a headstone on his grave on 20 February 2020.

The inscription on his headstone reads “He is no longer a forgotten man”. May your gentle soul finally rest in peace Uncle Ned.

Ned’s unmarked grave in Moorthorpe Cemetery (foreground, left)
Ned’s Grave in Moorthorpe Cemetery with a headstone,
which was erected over the dates of 19–20 February 2020.
Ned’s death cert

On Thursday 18 August 2022 exactly 90 years to the day and date after his untimely death, Ned’s Grandnephew Eamonn paid a visit to his grave and with the help of local Parish Priest Fr Anthony Fenton he had a Memorial Service said for him and Patrick Maguire and spread soil from Ned’s home in Tavnaglass which was collected by Ned’s Nephew Michael (son of his brother Patrick).

Eamonn at Ned’s Grave after his memorial service on Thursday August 18th 2022 his 90th Anniversary,
the photo was kindly taken by Fr Anthony Fenton Moorthorpe Parish Priest.

The location of Ned’s Death was Upton Colliery near South Elmsall in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. The Colliery is no longer in use, it is now a public park and wetland area. Please see attached photo’s of the site itself and it’s location from Eamonn’s visit.

Location Map Of Uncle Ned’s House 3 Smeaton Road Upton Colliery and Moorthorpe Cemetery
The Main Entrance to the Former Upton Colliery that Ned worked in.
A Colliery or Pit Wheel now stands at the Former Entrance.

On Ned’s tragic death, the family home place was then left to his brother Patrick, who raised his family there until his own tragic death.

Photo’s of Ned’s Residence at 3 Smeaton Road in Upton Pontefract.

At the time of his death Ned lived at this residence 3 Smeaton Road, Upton, Hemsworth, Pontefract, WF9 1EY.

Charlotte and Dave who owns Lancaster Memorials kindly put up Ned’s Headstone for his Grave in February 2020, Eamonn paid them a visit in August 2022 to thank them personally for their work and they kindly posed for a photo too.