Gallagher Brennan family website

Ó’Gallchobhair-Gallagher Ó’Braonáin-Brennan

Welcome to our family website. This site has been built for our family’s reunion on 9–11 August 2024, and is dedicated to the memories of Edward and Mary (Campbell) Gallagher of Tavnaglass and Martin and Catherine (Canavan) Brennan of Develesh and all their descendants globally, and particularly their grandchildren Michael and Margaret (Brennan) Gallagher who met and married on 2 October 1943 at the Brompton Oratory Church in London and then moved to Philadelphia between 1948 and 1949. The sacrifices they made for their family, and the help that they gave to their extended family on both sides in their lifetimes, leaves us all in awe and has inspired countless numbers of us to do better in our own lives where possible.

I am sure you will find things here of interest and the cross-relations that you never knew we had, such as Tommy Kelly of Tavnaglass, who was a second cousin of Michael Gallagher, who married Mary (Brennan) Kelly also of Tavnaglass, who was a first cousin of Michael’s wife Margaret (Brennan) Gallagher.

There are also relatives of note on both side of the family who have excelled in spheres such as acting, sports and Irish dancing. Please see more about our famous relatives here.

Eamonn Gallagher
7 September 2021