Griffith’s valuation

A check of Griffith’s Valuation conducted between 1848 and 1864 shows the landowners of Develeash during that period. They are listed below with three Brennan’s owning property at that time. The most likely patriarch to Martin Brennan would be #3, John Brennan.

BrennanJohnBallintoberDeveleash East
BrennanRichardBallintoberDeveleash East
BurkeWalterBallintoberDeveleash West
CarrollLaurenceBallintoberDeveleash West
ConwayThomasBallintoberDeveleash West
GannonThomasBallintoberDeveleash East
GibbonsJohnBalilntoberDeveleash West
GibbonsLaurenceBallintoberDeveleash West
GibbonsMichaelBallintoberDeveleash East
GibbonsRichardBallintoberDeveleash East
GibbonsRichardBallintoberDeveleash East
GibbonsThomasBallintoberDeveleash West
GibbonsTobiasBallintoberDeveleash East
HenihanThomasBallintoberDeveleash West
HigginsJamesBallintoberDeveleash West
HigginsJohnBallintoberDeveleash West
HigginsPatrickBallintoberDeveleash West
KellyJohnBallintoberDeveleash West
McGowMarkBallintoberDeveleash West
McGowMichaelBallitoberDeveleash West
McGowThomasBallintoberDeveleash West
McHaleMichaelBallintoberDeveleash East
McNultyJohnBallintoberDeveleash East
O’LoughlinThomasBallintoberDeveleash West
RonayneJohnBallintoberDeveleash East
WalshEdwardBallintoberDeveleash West
WalshJohnBallintoberDeveleash West
WalshMartinBallintoberDeveleash West
WalshMichaelBallintoberDeveleash West
WalshPatrickBallintoberDeveleash West
WalshWalterBallintoberDeveleash West

Our Old Home in Mayo

By Margaret Brennan-Gallagher

As I sit here, and reminisce
about the days of long ago
when our family was all together
In Develeash, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo.
The happy times we spent there
The many joys we had
We were the privileged children
of a wonderful Mother and Dad

One by one, we had to leave
And bade family and friends farewell
The anguish of saying “Good-bye”
Was more than I  now can tell
We packed our bags, and set sail
As the tears from our eyes, did flow
With broken hearts, we said ”Good-bye”
To our loved ones, in Co. Mayo

England was our destination
For three hours, we sailed the Irish Sea
That was always, a rough crossing
We were sick, as sick could be
Hundreds of Irish teenagers
Made that same trip every day
They were lucky enough to find a job
With long hours, and little pay.

We soon adjusted to English living
And things turned out real good
We worked hard, and saved our money
As much as we possibly could
We planned a return trip back home
And excitedly did go
To visit our family and friends 
Back home in Co. Mayo.

The experience, and the challenge
Made us grow up real fast
Looking back over the years
That is all now in the past
There is not much immigration now
It seems so long ago
When we spread our wings and left the nest
In our Home in Co. Mayo.
We have settled here in the USA
Raised a family of four
They are all married now
With Sixteen grand-children we adore
We often sit, and talk about
How things were long ago.
When we were growing up as teenagers
Back home in Co. Mayo.

Plans are under way right now
For a family reunion next year
The Invitations have been sent out
So far the responses are very clear
They all think it is a great idea
And our families in Ireland are happy to know
That all their American cousins
Will be visiting them in Co. Mayo.

We hope God will bless this adventure
And keep us safe as we travel along
There will be lots and lots to talk about
So much so, they might write a song
And as we look forward to this celebration
There will be lots of things we will want to know
Like who were the Gallagher and Brennan families
Who hailed from Swinford & Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo.